An aspiring author recently emailed asking “How can I become a author?”. It wasn’t the first time I saw the question posed that way, so I went back and looked at two other emails with similar wording. Like my current correspondent, those folks were writing from predominantly non-English speaking countries.

Turns out that “a” versus “an” is a particularly tricky bit of the English language that non-native speakers can struggle with.   And, of course, there are many other idiosyncrasies of the English language that trip up new speakers — and native speakers, too.

That’s why I really like the video library created by the folks at Merriam-Webster.  Short little clips that explain such tricky nuances as “i.e. vs. e.g.”, “Its vs. It’s” and even the actual meaning of “Ironic”.

Great stuff, and worth bookmarking for all writers who want to know “how to be a an author”, no matter their native tongue. Here’s the link: