Looking for a no-nonsense “how to” on writing a book for children?  We’ve got it!

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Book on How to Write a Book for Children - The Children's Writer's Big Book of "How to"

The Children’s Writer’s Big Book of “How To”

The Children’s Writers Big Book of “How To” has the solution to more than 100 of the trickiest issues faced by children’s authors.  From coming up with great ideas right through signing the contract, this amazing volume is packed with insight, direct from the mind of Laura Backes, Publisher of Children’s Book Insider and co-founder of Children’s Author’s Bootcamp seminars.

This is more than another instructional book — it’s an invaluable no-nonsense guide you’ll return to again and again, for answers to whatever obstacles and opportunities you encounter.

This is the one reference title no serious aspiring or working children’s author should be without!

See the complete table of contents and reserve your copy now by going to http://write4kids.com/bigbook.html