Reference librarian Lisa R. Bartle has created a resource of immeasurable usefulness to children’s book writers—and anyone else who cares about literature for kids.

The Database of Award-Winning Children’s Literature offers over 4,000 records from 50 major children’s book awards across five English-speaking
countries. Looking for a young adult novel set in the 17th century that’s won an award? A pre-school book with a female, African-American protagonist that’s
been honored? No problem—the database makes such searches easy.

Here’s how this site can help writers: If you’re planning to write a story, visit the database and find honored books that have similar settings, age-group
targets, characters, etc. Then, go to your library or bookstore and examine these
award-wining books closely. You’ll get instant insight into not only what
makes a book well-received, but what makes your particulartype of book a winner.

Go to and check it out.

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