Why Do Writers Write?

In this eye-opening video, Teresa tackles the big question: why do writers persevere through rejection, doubt and other obstacles in order to keep writing?

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Brilliant Example of a Book Sales Page

Want to see an extraordinary example of a web page that sells a book?  Check this out:




It’s not a children’s book  (the market is entrepreneurs), but you’ll learn lots of tricks about how to make your book a star.

I have a simple, but very important question for you.


I’m about to ask you a question, and I’d like you to answer it with complete honesty.

In this scenario, you’re a newly published author.  You head to your mailbox and find an envelope addressed to you.

This envelope contains one of two things:

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Katherine Paterson’s got the right idea about revisions!

Revising your children’s book manuscript got you down? Courtesy of the author of Bridge to Terabithia and Jacob Have I Loved, here’s another way to view things!



What Every Writer Hopes For

This is what it’s all about, isn’t it?

Writing For Children | Are You a Tortoise or a Hare? And Does It Matter?

Jon Bard on why, now more than ever, it’s the tortoise that wins the publishing race.  This is some important stuff for any writer to know….


How to Get a Famous Author’s Attention

Looking to reach out to a well-known author, editor or agent for some advice and assistance?  It can be done, but you need to go about it the write way.  Jon’s here with some tips!

Writing for Children | What’s a “Tween”?

writing for tweens


Like most consumer-based businesses, publishing pivots on the demographic with the largest spending power. These days, that honor falls to the tweens. Numerous industries, from fashion to entertainment to skin care, are all scrambling to reach this hugely influential group.

So what’s a “tween”?

At its core, the tween age group is those kids who Read more

The Best “How To” on Writing a Children’s Book

Looking for a no-nonsense “how to” on writing a book for children?  We’ve got it!

Say hello to:


Book on How to Write a Book for Children - The Children's Writer's Big Book of "How to"

The Children’s Writer’s Big Book of “How To”

The Children’s Writers Big Book of “How To” has the solution to more than 100 of the trickiest issues faced by children’s authors.  From coming up with great ideas right through signing the contract, this amazing volume is packed with insight, direct from the mind of Laura Backes, Publisher of Children’s Book Insider and co-founder of Children’s Author’s Bootcamp seminars.

This is more than another instructional book — it’s an invaluable no-nonsense guide you’ll return to again and again, for answers to whatever obstacles and opportunities you encounter.

This is the one reference title no serious aspiring or working children’s author should be without!

See the complete table of contents and reserve your copy now by going to http://write4kids.com/bigbook.html

“How To Be a Author”

An aspiring author recently emailed asking “How can I become a author?”. It wasn’t the first time I saw the question posed that way, so I went back and looked at two other emails with similar wording. Like my current correspondent, those folks were writing from predominantly non-English speaking countries.

Turns out that “a” versus “an” is a particularly tricky bit of the English language that non-native speakers can struggle with.   And, of course, there are many other idiosyncrasies of the English language that trip up new speakers — and native speakers, too.

That’s why I really like the video library created by the folks at Merriam-Webster.  Short little clips that explain such tricky nuances as “i.e. vs. e.g.”, “Its vs. It’s” and even the actual meaning of “Ironic”.

Great stuff, and worth bookmarking for all writers who want to know “how to be a an author”, no matter their native tongue. Here’s the link:


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